How We Work.

Creating sensory theatre which places the audience at the centre of the experience.

Interplay has a 50 year history of working with young people who are disadvantaged, socially, sensorially and economically. We work all over the country providing children and young people to experience the performing arts and help them to realise their potential by giving them to opportunity to get involved and tell their own story.


Interplay specialise in working with a range of ability and age ranges and our performers and staff are also all highly trained in working with young people with a range of complex needs.

We tour annually nationally with a new show each year. With a strong aesthetic and touching narratives our performances explore themes that resonate with our audience. We strongly believe that everyone should have the chance to experience high quality theatre, our aim is to challenge and motivate the young people we perform too.

Performances that place the audience at the centre of the experience, we create immersive environments, tour with unique structures, in which the world of the play unfolds. Colour, light, live music, one-to-one interaction audiences can explore and discover a ‘total theatre’ on every level.


From our home in West Leeds we give our community the opportunity to tell their own stories through a variety of different media; encouraging them to explore theatre, film, drama and music to create work of an extremely high standard.

Our ethos is to guide people towards projects that explore their creative strengths, working around subjects and within genres that are of interest to them. Projects in the past have ranged from alternative education programmes  that give young people the chance to write, direct and star in their own films, organise cultural events, perform, record and process their own music.