We tour annually to schools and venues nationwide

Creating performances that place the audience at the centre of the experience, we create immersive environments in which the world of the play unfolds, creating theatre where you can feel the rain on your face, where live music maps the emotional and geographical terrain.

My Life with the Wave (2022 & 2024)

My Life with the Wave My Life with the Wave is an inclusive and playful multi-sensory show for young people with disabilities that brings together live dance, theatre and interactive performance with sensory play and emotive storytelling…

This Land (2006, 2012 & 2021)

Hitch a ride on this musical rollercoaster ride through the life of America’s original folk hero, Woody Guthrie. This Land celebrates the highs and lows of his life, from the heartbreaking death of his mother in a fire to the rousing gigs at rallies and transit camps inspired by those fighting for their rights in the campaigns which swept 1960s America.

Tarzanne (2017 & 2018)

Discover Tarzanne’s journey from the lush forests that raised her to the concrete jungle of the civilised world. Feel the rain drops flow from the trees, hear the melody of the bird song and the scents of the flora as you’re engrossed in a tale of two contrasting societies.

Paint (2015 & 2017)

Paint is an interactive sensory experience that encourages young people with severe disabilities to engage and create in a world of sensory play. Mixing live performance and music with action painting and messy play, your learners will use paint to touch and explore the 360º multi-sensory environment.

Harold & Maude (2016)

Set Inside an amazing inflatable dome, sensory worlds and objects come alive. Through sensory play, live music and projection, audiences can can grab a drink, some cake, a seat and use all their senses.

Frida (2014)

The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is now regarded as one of the most significant artists of the twentieth century. Combining theatre, live music and dance to create a spectacular experience that engages and interacts with the audience, bringing them into the world of the play.

Spit Nolan (2013)

In ‘Spit Nolan’ based on a short story by Bill Naughton the audience built and raced a go-cart around the fictional northern streets of Cotton Pocket.

Precious Bane (2009)

Precious Bane tells the stories of Prue Sarn and her brother Gideon. Prue is a free spirit whose life has been cursed by her facial disfigurement – a hare lip, referred to in the book as her ‘precious bane’.

ARCHIVE: Daughter Of The Wind (2005)

Inspired by the vivid story telling of the oldest chronicler of all, Ovid, Daughter of the Wind is an emotional journey of love and sorrow, perfect happiness and despair.

ARCHIVE: Song From The Sea (2003)

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Archive currently being updated

ARCHIVE: Robin Hood (2001)

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